About Us

Who we are:

Cardiff Aviation Training Limited (CATL), part of the Cardiff Aviation Group, is a Flight Training and Simulator Services business based at Cardiff International Airport in the Vale of Glamorgan. Initially established in April 2013 at Bournemouth Airport, CATL relocated to their current Training Centre later that year, opening for business at Cardiff in March 2014. CATL offer products in three key areas, Flight Training, Simulator Hire and Simulator Services.

In the Flight Training area CATL is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) offering high quality and cost effective Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training and Jet Orientation Courses (JOC). In addition to our stand-alone  JOC and MCC Courses CATL also offers both Standard and Extended combined MCC+JOC Courses, an airliner Upset Recovery Training module, a FLYBE specific JOC and Airline Assessment Preparation. See the “Our Courses” tab for further details. Alongside our own courses CATL Instructors are approved to deliver Air Atlanta Icelandic’s in-house JOC training under AAI’s ATO.

CATL offers both “wet” and “dry” Simulator Hire on its B747-400 Full Flight Simulators (FFS) for airline, group or individual  use, including Public Experience Flights and Corporate Events. Our business model allows better flexibility in making and maintaining bookings, provides highly competitive hourly rates that include all supporting infrastructure such as Class and Briefing Rooms, and is highly regarded by our Simulator Hire Customers.

In the Simulator Services area CATL offers a full range of services from spares support through to full turnkey simulator relocation, commissioning and Qualification packages; see our “Simulator Services” tab for further details. CATL also offer Simulator Hosting services whereby a simulator owner can have their simulator housed, maintained and operated on their behalf at our Training Centre in return for either a fixed monthly fee, or on a revenue or profit share basis.

Meet the Team:

Bruce Dickinson – Accountable Manager.







Bruce Dickinson is legendary within the airline industry. His enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge of all things in the world of aviation is extensive. He demonstrates huge enthusiasm for sharing his passion for aviation. This has led him to successfully set up many ventures within the aviation industry. Very importantly for CATL he has considerable experience as an airline Captain on the Boeing 757 and 737. In addition to this, Bruce is a Type Rating Instructor and Technical Instructor on the Boeing 737.

Trevor Ward – FSTD Head of Engineering.

Trevor Ward






Trevor has worked with us since the day we first started operations at Bournemouth; one of his first tasks was to oversee the modification of our new Training Centre at Cardiff Airport to make it ready for the installation of our simulator fleet.

Trevor has 30 years of experience in the simulator industry and has been involved in most aspects of the business from design and manufacture, through installations and relocation’s, to Project Management, Sales, Facility Management and Operations. During his career Trevor has worked for a number of simulation companies including Rediffusion Simulation, British Aerospace, CAE and Australian Aerospace.

Trevor’s day to day duties here at the Training Centre are focused on running FSTD Engineering, this covers the maintenance, modification and continued Qualification of the simulators, as well as undertaken arising projects such as facility or simulator updates, and simulator relocation’s.

Mike Mead – MCC Instructor.

Mike Mead






Mike has worked with us since June 2015 when he successfully completed our MCC Instructors course and was signed off to teach our MCC and JOC Courses. Since this time Mike has also been approved to teach on our own FLYBE specific JOC, as well as Air Atlanta’s in-house JOC which is delivered under their own ATO.

Since leaving the RAF, where he served as an Electronics Fitter, in the mid-seventies, Mike has mixed his career between flying, aviation electronics such as communications equipment and avionics, and teaching electronics. On the flying side Mike has over 30 years of experience having worked for airlines including Air UK, Air Wales, Air Atlantique and Aer Arann, and has flown as Captain on F27, BAe 146, Dash 8, and ATR42/72, as well as numerous smaller types.

Mike’s day to day duties when Instructing at the Training Centre include delivering Ground School subjects to our various students, briefing and debriefing students before and after simulator sorties, and of course, conducting sorties on the simulators. It’s not all formal training courses however, Mike also conducts some of our Airline Assessment Preparations, and conducts our Public Experience Flights when required.

Rhian Jones – SADCO.

Rhian Jones

Rhian has worked with us since January 2016 when she was taken on as our new Senior Administrator & Document Control Officer (SADCO) based at our new Training Centre at Cardiff Airport.

Rhian has had a varied work history from being a Customer Service Agent at Cardiff Airport, through various Customer facing roles, to Operations, Office and HR Management; a perfect background for her role here at CATL.

Rhian’s day to day duties at the Training Centre are quite varied; in addition to being the main point of contact for our various Airline, Corporate and individual Customers she is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of our documentation suite, sales and marketing, web site and social media and the administration requirements of the business as a whole. Rhian has also shown interest in, and aptitude for, getting involved in with operation of the simulators and often performs the daily start-up and pre-flight checks for both our B747-400 simulator and BIH’s S61N simulator; this has proved very useful when longer training days are scheduled.

Robin Miller – FSTD Technician.

Robin Miller

Robin has worked with us since the very beginning; he started his employment with us when the simulators were still at Bournemouth, and was instrumental in conducting their relocation to our new Training Centre at Cardiff Airport.

Robin has over 40 years of experience in the simulator industry working for companies such as Rediffusion Simulation, Aron Ltd, Rotran and European Skybus; he has been successfully involved in manufacturing, installing and relocating literally hundreds of Full Flight Simulators (FFS) in locations all over the world. Most recently Robin has been involved in installing our second B747-400 FFS, and also worked on CATL’s relocation of a B737-400 FFS from Istanbul to Karachi.

Robin’s day to day duties here at the Training Centre are maintaining, operating and repairing our simulators, with overall responsibility for Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Robin Stibbon – MCC Instructor.


Robin has worked with us since June 2015 when he successfully completed our MCC Instructors course and was signed off to teach our MCC and JOC Courses.

Robin started his aviation career at Denham Flying Training School as an Assistant Flying Instructor / Qualified Flying Instructor before achieving his CPL, gaining well over 30 years of flying experience since then. Now retired from airline flying Robin ended his flying career as a Captain on B757 / B767 with British Airways, having previously flown as a First Officer on BAC 1-11, Boeing 737 and B757 / B767. Earlier in his career Robin spent 5 years in the quite different environment of Highlands and Islands flying with Loganair, eventually operating Twin Otter, BN Islander and F27 types as Captain, having previously operated both Twin Otter and Shorts 330 as First Officer.

Robin’s day to day duties when Instructing at the Training Centre include delivering Ground School subjects to our various students, briefing and debriefing students before and after simulator sorties, and of course, conducting sorties on the simulators. Robin has also found our Public Experience Flights very rewarding and undertakes a high proportion these flights; he also delivers a number of our Airline Assessment Preparation sorties for various airlines.

Gary Winstanley – FSTD Technician.


Gary has worked with us since May 2015 in the role of Simulator Technician looking after our B747 Simulator as well as the S61N Simulator operated by CATL on behalf of British International Helicopters. Gary is also taking the lead on the Commissioning and Qualification of our second B747 Simulator.

Gary has spent his whole career working on the Planning, Manufacture, Servicing , Maintenance and Repair of complex systems, with the majority of that time spent working within the Flight Simulator industry. Gary started with Rediffusion Simulation Limited as an Apprentice Electronic Technician / Engineer in 1975 and completed his pre-CATL career as Engineering Team Leader at the CAE Training Facility in Crawley. Gary’s varied background has proven a boon to us here, and he has been able to solve problems effectively even when the original design has been found to be at fault.

Gary’s day-to-day duties are primarily associated with the Hardware / Software Integration and Commissioning of our second B747 Simulator, but he also contributes to the operation and maintenance of our in-service devices when necessary, particularly when there is an unusual or complicated fault to investigate.

Ian Young – MCC Instructor.

Ian Young

Ian joined us in March 2016 after successfully completing our MCC Instructors Course and being signed off to teach our MCC and JOC Courses. Since this time Ian has also undertaken some work in the development of our stand-alone JOC Courses.

Ian’s career to date has been a game of two halves. From 1986 to 1999 Ian pursued a career in engineering, initially as a RF design engineer, progressing through a period as an on-site service engineer overseeing the commissioning of industrial machinery, and culminating in a management role, responsible for worldwide customer support. In 1999 Ian left engineering to realise a childhood ambition to become a pilot. He began his flying career as an instructor right here at Cardiff Airport, followed by a period as CFI and manager of a flying school at Kemble Aerodrome. In 2002 Ian joined easyJet on the B737, and is currently an A320 captain based in Bristol. Ian is also a fully qualified A320 TRI.

Ian’s day to day duties when Instructing at the training centre include delivering ground school subjects to our students, briefing and debriefing students before and after simulator sorties and, of course, conducting sorties on the simulators. Ian also conducts public flights and airline assessment preparations, as well as working with one of our partners in developing a corporate package.

Dave McBryde – Deputy Head of Training.

Dave joined us in mid-August 2016, and after successfully completing our MCC Instructors Course, delivered his first MCC Course as an Instructor the following week. Dave has also been appointed as our Deputy Head of Training with a remit to standardise MCC training delivery and review the associated Training Manuals and Materials.

Dave was Commissioned into the RAF in 1984 and had, by the time he left in April 2008, held a wide variety of Air Defence, OPEVAL and Flight Test roles in the U.K. and overseas, covering Tucano, Hawk, Phantom and Tornado aircraft, and including over 2000 hours flight time as an RAF Instructor. During his time in the RAF Dave served in the Gulf, Bosnia and Kosovo, completing his service commanding the Falkland Island Tornado Flight. Since leaving the RAF Dave has flown commercial aircraft as a First Officer, Senior First Officer and Line Captain, and flown ATR, Fokker 100 and B747-400 airframes; Dave is also a fully qualified B747-400 Type Rating Instructor.

Dave’s day to day roles when at the Training Centre include Ground and Simulator Instruction on our MCC Courses, taking the lead in Standardising our MCC Instructors and the ongoing development of our MCC and other Training Courses, and, as a B747-400 TRI, being involved in the ongoing Subjective and Engineering Test flights conducted on our B747 simulators throughout the year. Dave also continues his existing flying and Instructing duties for our friends at Air Atlanta Icelandic (AAI).