“I can’t thank you and the company enough for the quality of instruction given. You have some very knowledgeable instructors, and they were all a pleasure to work with, and good at getting the best out of people.

I’m quite sad I won’t get to attend another training course there to be honest! One of the most informative and enjoyable courses I have ever attended”

Lewis Kennington – MCC042





“I have recently completed my MCC training with Cardiff Aviation Training LTD and I have to say, the training left me speechless. The facilities gives you plenty of space to work, the simulators are amazing.

The instructors and members of the staff are very kind and professional, whenever you need help you can be sure that they will do there best to help you. The quality of the training will take you to some very good standards, thanks to our instructor.

Also i have completed the major part of my training on DA-40, DA-42 equipped with Garmin G1000 and i can tell you that the transition to the 747-400 instrumentation is done very nicely.

As a conclusion the only thing i can say is that I highly recommend to go to Cardiff Aviation Training LTD, to perform your MCC, you will not be disappointed.” 

Alexandre Ligier – MCC035


“I did the MCC course and the upset recovery training at Cardiff Aviation in July 2016. The Boeing 747-400 full motion simulator is impressive! Definitely the most rewarding part of my training. Excellent instructors, perfect facilities, nice and efficient staff… I highly recommend this school.

Dorian Caroff – MCC022









“The course provided by this school are excellent and really set you up for the big step into flying as an airline pilot. The simulator is incredible and the experience you gain flying a full motion simulator is so beneficial . I would recommend this school to anyone wanting real value for money and those that want to learn what it would be like when you actually start on the airline ladder, rather than just having a tick in the box!”

Ben Miskowicz – MCC007 & JOC004




“Having completed the Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd (CATL) Standard MCC/JOC course, I have nothing but good things to say!

CATL were very flexible: they were able to accommodate my request for the course at very short notice, and also managed to find a sim partner! The instruction received throughout ground school and the simulator sorties was top-quality, with each instructor having many years of commercial flying experience. The simulator was absolutely fantastic – it looks and feels just like the real thing – and I found transition from the Glass Cockpit DA42 onto the B747-400 no problem at all!

I finished the course in March 2017, and in May 2017 I was offered a place as a Pilot Apprentice with Jet2.com. I can honestly say that the quality of training provided by CATL prepared me thoroughly for the simulator assessment!

CATL are a professional organisation offering quality training at a competitive price.

I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking for an MCC/JOC course!”

Christopher Brown – MCC029.

I did my MCC-JOC with Cardiff AviaIMG_2574tion Training.

The training is really high standard , I was surrounded by professionals who have incredible experience on Boeing and gave me tonnes of tips to succeed in my MCC and useful for my future career. They were always present to help me to prepare for the sim flight.

The facilities they have consist of a very spacious briefing room and class rooms and the simulators are very high quality simulators.

I can’t recommend better than Cardiff Aviation Training.

Thanks to all of them.

Florian Belin – MCC009

Cardiff Aviation Training is such a very very good and competent company.Thomas Jardot

I really enjoyed my training, and it will be for sure my best memory from all of my studies. It’s was pleasure to learn about the human side of aviation from experienced pilots.

I hope I will have a chance to learn lots of other things from you, and to one day have your experience and total flight time.

Thomas Jardot – MCC006




MCC 006 Stephanie & ThomasJust wanted to thank all of you for this amazing time we had doing the MCC.

We really enjoyed it and learnt so many things. All the ground courses we had were very informative and helpful for the rest of the training. And the simulator sessions were incredible. We got to learn more than what we expected and you, instructors, made it so easy and made it as much realistic as possible so that we actually know what awaits us. Moreover, thank you for being so available and sharing your knowledges and experiences.

Thank you so much again! You guys are a great team!

Stephanie Godard – MCC006


Trevor JonesA lovely message from our Flight Experience Customer from the weekend:

“First, thank you for finalising last Saturday’s simulator visit – very grateful for your patience in handling my different dates.

Secondly, a big thank you to Spencer – a truly memorable and exciting experience and he made my Wife and Son (very nervous flyers) feel so welcome and they were completely relaxed.

I’d like to try it again in the future now I know and understand significantly more about the experience.

Truly great, really enjoyed the whole time from arrival till departure.”

Trevor Jones – 05/09/2015