Simulator Experience

Have you or someone you know ever wondered what it’s like to fly a big jet? Have they always fancied being at the controls of an aircraft that weighs several hundred tons and that travels at over 500 mph? Why not give them the gift that they will remember forever – the experience of flying one of our fully authentic Boeing 747-400 simulators.


Something like this is too good not to share. Flying the simulator can either be for one person and up to two people spectating or two people sharing the flying and one spectator.

The experience begins with a short safety briefing, followed by an explanation of the function of the main flight deck controls and instruments. The briefing will be given by one of our experienced airline captains, all of whom have a wealth of jet aircraft experience. You can ask as many questions as you like!

Once the briefing is complete, you then step aboard the simulator for a full hour.


The simulator has a motion system which is able to move in all directions, so it feels incredibly realistic. You will see and feel how the aircraft responds using the aircraft instruments or by simply looking through the windscreen at the computer generated image projected onto a huge wrap-around screen.

You will then have a go at the most challenging part of flying any aircraft – the landing. The first one will be in daylight conditions and in clear weather, but subsequent landings can be at night, in fog, rain, turbulence or even in stormy conditions. You can make it as challenging or as straightforward as you like.

The experience concludes with posing for photographs.

The 747 flight simulator experience can be booked by buying the voucher (below) or by contacting Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd reception on 01446 712 850 for more details.

If you have already bought a voucher, call us on the above number to arrange the time and date for your 747 flight simulator experience. The simulator is normally available 8.30am – 5.30pm seven days a week, but other times may be available.

Due to the nature and design of the simulators this event is unsuitable for persons with restricted mobility.


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