Simulator Services

In addition to operating and maintaining a fleet of Full Flight Simulators at its Cardiff Airport Training Centre, CATL also offers a broad range of Support Services to other simulator Owners and Operators. Whether you need to establish a complete new training facility, have your training device hosted in our facility, relocate a simulator, source spare parts, arrange for repairs of simulator LRUs, or are simply looking for some consultancy in support of current or planned projects, CATL can help you.

CATL conducts all of its own simulator relocations in-house, and is also available to conduct relocation activities for Customers. CATL can provide any level of support to your relocation project, from simple labour support, to planning and undertaking a full “turnkey” relocation including site surveys, facility definition and design, baseline testing, breakdown, pack and ship, installation, commissioning and Qualification. Recent projects include:

  • Turnkey relocation of a Full Flight Simulator from Johannesburg, RSA to Bournemouth, U.K.
  • Turnkey relocation of 2 Full Flight Simulators from Bournemouth to our Training Centre at Cardiff Airport.
  • Turnkey relocation of a Full Flight Simulator from Istanbul, Turkey to Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Installation of a Full Flight Simulator removed from storage into our Training Centre at Cardiff Airport.

All of the above projects included facility definition and design and Qualification, OJT for the FSTD Technicians who would ultimately be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the simulators, and provision of FSTD Maintenance Procedures and Documentation. In the process of conducting the above programs CATL re-Qualified three Full Flight Simulators between March and May 2014, spread across two continents.

CATL has also relocated 3 Further Full Flight Simulators from various locations to their Cardiff facilities, and are now breaking these simulators for spares. Rediffusion, CAE and Link (and associated Vendor) spares are available, and inventories will be made available here in due course. In the meantime please call with any specific requirements you may have.

CATL can also offer bespoke Hosting Services to simulator owners at their Training Centre at Cardiff International Airport. Essentially this means that CATL house your simulator, provide all the necessary supporting infrastructure and administrative support, operate and maintain the simulator on your behalf, or as part of the CATL simulator fleet if preferred, and manage the ongoing Qualification of the simulator. This can be done in return of either a flat monthly charge, or on negotiated revenue, or profit, sharing schemes depending on Customer preference.

For further details of CATLs Support Services, or to discuss your own specific requirements, please contact us at